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GiftPax Rewards is a new platform for promotions, incentives and corporate gift giving, that delivers the world’s most loved products across a wide range of categories such as treats, dining, entertainment and activities. Not only simple to use, convenient and on demand, it’s ridiculously cost effective ensuring business get an unbeatable return on investment.

GiftPax Gift Card delivers


Our gift cards are designed to change your customers’ behaviour and drive your key objectives across multiple channels.


They’re also discounted starting at 25% off. There’s no minimum order, meaning you’ll pay less and get great value every time.


Recipients can choose from a range of everyday essential treats that they can pick up from more than 1,500 locations Australia wide.


Check out some remarkable examples

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9 out of 10




Using GiftPax

How to and who is using GiftPax

  • Sales Aquisition
  • Lead Generation
  • Recearch Incentives
  • Loyalty & Engagement
  • Channel Incentives
  • Channel Incentives
  • Competition & Price Giveaways
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Promotions
  • Events & Direct Mail

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GiftPax for Business

Ordering is easy, and support unconditional

  • Electronic eGift and physical Gift Card
  • $3-$100 denominations and custom
  • Dedicated in-house, toll-free customer service call centre to support your customers
  • Turnkey solutions include creative elements and complete fulfilment direct to customer


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